Excerpt from the book – Diversity

“Every time we fail to embrace diversity, we are more likely to embrace ‘uni-versity’. A ‘uni-versity’ advocate is someone who has a one-dimensional view towards life”. D.S. MashegoFB_IMG_1444936602701


Excerpt from the book

“There is nothing wrong with being Black. However, there is something wrong with the black race. That very wrong can be corrected by the black folk and no-one else.” D.S. MashegoFB_IMG_1444936602701

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Union Buildings Drama

Destruction of property cannot be celebrated. Throwing stones at the police will not bring about solutions #Feesmustfall bedignifiedinyourprotest #throwingstonesnotdecent #destroyingpropertynotdecent#unionbuildings


Fees Must Fall Campaign

FeesMustFall campaign could have been avoided. This happens when young people are not prioritised. Billions spent on Fifa world cup could have been spent on youth education. Government pleads tight finances and yet still wants to spend more billions on Olympics. I like sport but other things are more important than others. #getprioritiesright


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Blacks Only: Its Okay to be Black, now available on the following international online platforms either as a ebook/kindle edition or paper bag: Amazon US, Amazon UK, Amazon Spain, Amazon France, Amazon Germany, Amazon Canada, Amazon Japan, Amazon India, Amazon Mexico, Amazon Italy. The ebook is accessible through kindle devices, android devices, Blackberry, etc. WATCHOUT FOR A COMMUNICATION PERTAINING TO FOR SOUTH AFRICA’s ONLINE PLATFORMS




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