Soweto TV: Book Review Promo

Just pre-recorded a book promo clip today for the Late Mate Show hosted by Nimrod Nkosi on Soweto TV. Thank you Soweto TV and Nimrod Nkosi for the platform.



Consumer Mentality

“The black man’s positioning, as a consumer, in the economy of South Africa is problematic. My problem with the consumer mentality is that, as consumers, we give away our independence to the producer.” D.S MASHEGO


A Letter to Penny Sparrow

The letter is a response to comments made by Penny Sparrow and her followers below. As a nation, we still have a long way to go.


Penny, your comments paints a picture of someone who is restless, someone who is not at peace with herself and the environment around her. I do not wish to be you on any given day. Your life sounds misrable and too hectic for my liking.
A person with deep rooted hatred will do and say the things you said. Penny, your comments are not helping but rather widening the devide between black and white South Africans. Only if you knew, pigmentation is the only differentiator between the two races. Not that I aspire to be like you but please realise that we are all humans created by one God. It is ignorant of you to equate a black person to an animal simply because they have a darker skin compared to yours. I did not choose to be Black (not that there is anything wrong with being black) as much as you did not choose to be white. You rocked up white and allowed yourselve to be brainwashed into believing that you are superior. White supremacist have no place in the new South Africa. They are a poison to our nation.

If you have access to the beach for most part of the year, why must you be upset when others come to enjoy themselves for a mere 2 days in a year. After all these beaches are public property, unless you can produce a title deed. All South Africans, regardless of race, have the right to go any where in their country of birth and enjoy themselves. If people feel they are too important to share the country’s resources and mix with people of colour; then they must buy their own beaches or go enjoy such somewhere in Europe.

Furthermore, your assertions are based on misinformed or skewed stereotypes: who said all black people litter. Can you confidently confirm that all dirt that was on “your beach” was littered by the “monkeys”. Can you confidently confirm that none of your white fellows littered? Only an omnipresent being can confirm that. Therefore, stop making unfounded statements.

It is unfortunate that such poisonous utterances are coming from an elderly person like yourself. I am not upset but I am shocked that 21 years into our democracy there are people who still believe they are better than others. I have written a book called “BLACKS ONLY: IT’S OKAY TO BE BLACK. Please buy the book or ebook on Amazon; TakeAlot or Exclusive online. You do not have to read the entire book. Go straight to CHAPTER 13 of the book – It is written specifically for you.

I know not all white people are racist. I refuse to, using your skewed stereotypical approach, label them as such. I pray for Gods visitation in your life. May the Spirit of God revive your conscience and interrogate your heart until you make right.

To my black folk, do not be shaken or moved by Penny’s racist comments. Like I said in the book “It’s Okay to be Black”. There is nothing wrong with us. We are complete. We have given Penny enough attention more than she deserves. Back to work, let’s focus on important things.

I LOVE SOUTH AFRICA (Including Penny)