Opinion Piece: Language Policy in Universities

The recent confrontations at the University of Pretoria and University of Freestate aka #AfrikaansMustFall campaign, clearly show how racially charged our country is. As for me, there is no need to eliminate Afrikaans degrees. However, the universities must ensure that degrees are also offered in English to accommodate non-Afrikaans speaking students. English is a reasonable alternative for students that cannot speak afrikaans. How do you expect non-afrikaans speaking students to study in Afrikaans and excel?
The question we should be asking is when are we going study in our native languages? It’s happening in Europe, Asia, and many parts of the world. There is nothing backward about furthering studies in our indigenous languages. If Afrikaans was developed to such an extend that universities could offer degrees in Afrikaans, surely universities can devolop our african languages and ultimately offer degrees in our indigenous languages. “Backward and silly”, you say. I say “progress and development”. I talk about this in the book. #LanguageDilution #I WantToStudyInVenec #Blacks Only #ItsOkayToBeBlack



Property Destruction: Northwest University

No matter how legitimate the demands of the students are, North West University a case in point, such letigimacy cannot justify the recent destruction of property and infrastructure. This is taking us backward. A vicious destruction of academic infrastructure cannot be celebrated. This is not a protest but an act of criminality. I talk about this in the book.